What a Way to Make a Livin: 9 to 5 Style

>> Monday, September 2, 2013

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It's officially Labor Day, folks! If you're feeling overheated from standing in your neighbors' yard all day, grab some of that left over pasta salad, and curl up on the couch with a movie that celebrates the reason for the season! 9 to 5, people! It's on Netflix, and it's probably the best feminist workplace revenge comedy of all time. What better way to pay tribute to working women and the eight hour work day without actually, you know, doing anything?
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Like any good female driven buddy comedy, 9 to 5 features three very human, very distinct personalities. There's Judy (Jane Fonda), the newly divorced housewife who's new to the workplace, Doralee (Dolly Parton), the misunderstood peroxide blonde bombshell, and, last but not least, Violet (Lily Tomlin), the quick witted single mother of four who brings a sense of integrity to the office. They are all lovable in their own unique ways, and when they team up to deal with their "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" of a boss, not only do hilarious hijinks ensue, some serious style moments occur.

9 to 5 Style: Judy

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First, we'll take a look at Judy. Her go to look throughout the film can only be described as early eighties Regan conservatism wrapped up in a cardigan... and a hat... and a bow... and multiple brooches. If a blouse has a lot going on at the neck such as Purple Rain era Prince neck ruffles, she wears it. Then, she piles on every accessory known to man. She even rocks those quintessential late seventies glasses that my boyfriend hates. I may or may not have a pair of my own. Unlike Judy, I don't have the matching pearl chain to keep them on my person at all times.  

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See. I told you. That right there is a straight up Prince blouse. Now, moving on...

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9 to 5 Style: Violet

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Violet is basically the polar opposite of Judy. She goes for darker, no nonsense clothing, and adds some interest with cool bohemian pieces. Violet is my kind of woman. She's the type who throws on a menswear style work shirt, adds a kimono jacket here, a leather butterfly belt there, slaps on some tomato red lipstick, and she's out the door. She's also the type of woman who may or may not have a joint in her purse. Don't get me wrong. Violet is beyond smart, qualified, and knowledgeable. It's just that when you deal with a nightmare work environment for 12 years straight, your teenage son might give you something to take the edge off.

9 to 5 Style: Doralee

Doralee, on the other hand, dresses as if she's not surrounded by a sea of manilla folder beige and flourescent lighting. Throughout the movie, Doralee is dressed for... well, honestly, I'm not sure what she's dressed for. She basically wears exactly what you'd think Dolly Parton herself would wear in an office setting. She's all about the fifties trends that popped up again in the eighties. The first time she strolls in, she's sporting a low cut, full skirted dress, mules, a big embellished straw handbag, and a green sequin shrug. To work. At 9 AM. I love it.  

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Oh, and I forgot to mention the HAIR. Yes, capital HAIR. It's what I imagine the gals from the B-52's would come up with if they had to get corporate jobs.  

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The bottom line is, 9 to 5 is great. It's great the first time. It's great the second time. It's great the 22nd time. It's great in every way. It's hilarious. It's quirky. It features awesomely crazy eighties fashions on the likes of Dolly, Lily, and Jane. I don't know what else you could want. Do yourself a favor, and watch it immediately.


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