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>> Saturday, September 7, 2013

 photo minnesotavikingscheerleadersca2-1.jpg

                Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders taking a break, ca. 1960
 It's officially football season. My boyfriend has been literally counting down the days since the end of last football season. I'm not kidding. I would get updates along the lines of, "Guess what! Only 59 more days until COLLLLLTS!" I, on the other hand, have officially begun counting the days until the end of football season. Don't get me wrong. I'm not totally anti-sports. March Madness? Count me in. I'm there, especially when it comes to college basketball. (Go Hoosiers!) Soccer? Sure! Who could resist those super hunky soccer boys? Football, on the other hand, not so much.

 photo 1954baltimorecoltscheer.jpg
       The Colts cheerleaders back when they were a Baltimore team, ca. 1954
It's not all bad, though. I do like the things that go along with football. I like going to games in the fall when the weather is basically perfect. I'm thoroughly stupidly entertained by anything happening on a Jumbotron. I like being bribed into spectating with delicious foods like soft pretzels, nachos, and chilli. Honestly, I'll go along to most anything if you promise me snacks. I also like the awesomely kitschy get ups worn by the cheerleaders. Lions hot pants and Bengal Tigers boots and Bears bustiers, oh my! Even better are the less bikini-like vintage versions. These are some of my favorites:

 photo si-1960s-broncos.jpg
                      A beautiful Denver Broncos cheerleader, ca. 1960's

 photo DallasCowboysCheerleaders.jpg
       The renowned Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders in a kick line, ca. 1970's

 photo dallascowboys1981.jpg
                  The Dallas Cowboys gals again in full color, ca. 1981

 photo packers1978.jpg
            The Packers cheerleaders in perms and track shorts, ca. 1978

 photo miamidolphins80s.jpg
       Miami Dolphins cheerleaders in bedazzled collars and belts, ca. 1980's

 photo SanDiegoChargerGirls-19702.jpg
Denver Broncos cheerleaders with Robin Williams | San Diego Chargers girls, ca. 1970


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