And the Oscar goes to...

>> Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Happy Academy Awards night, everyone! It's been quite some time, but I thought I'd use this as an opportunity to get back on the ol' blogging horse and bring you a little vintage Oscar trivia. Did you know that in 1946, Joan Crawford won in the Best Actress category from the comforts of her own bed? Sure she wouldn't beat out Gene Tierney, Ingrid Bergman, or Jennifer Jones, Crawford, in true screen diva fashion, feigned pneumonia. Later that evening, the award was delivered to a very healthy looking Crawford in full makeup and hair. No longer "box office poison", her role as Mildred Pierce would mark her big comeback, and the statue would later auction at $426,732 in 2012. 

 "Whether the Academy voters were giving the Oscar to me, sentimentally, for 'Mildred' or for 200 years of effort, the hell with it – I deserved it." - Joan Crawford

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