Man Day Monday: Paul Newman

>> Monday, June 6, 2011

While trying to think of an appropriate way to kick this thing off, I thought, why not offer up a hunky guy to please the masses? Nothing helps make the start of the work week a little more bearable than pictures of smokin' hot dudes with good hair, am I right? So here it is: the first installment of Man Day Monday. Internet, I give you Paul Newman.

A scan of a magazine page I had tacked in my kitchen

Not only was this guy a stone cold fox, he was an incredibly talented actor and director. If you haven't seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, please do yourself a favor. Mr. Newman might be the only man hot enough to believably deny Elizabeth Taylor anything.

Image Source: Dr. Macro

As if that wasn't enough to make you melt, once he retired from working in film, he dedicated his time to caring for his children and wife of 50 years, speaking out about gay rights, driving race cars, and building an empire of delicious Newman's Own salad dressings which would raise over $250 million for charity.

Image source: Dr. Macro

So there you have it. The top of the pops. The leader of the pack. Unless I find out that Robert Redford was a professional soccer player, and ran a commune for displaced refugees based around the care of orphaned kittens, I'll stand by my choice.



Amber June 6, 2011 at 7:43 PM  

Um, can I just say I LOVE IT ALL!!!! Sorry to digitally shout that at you, but it needed to be done.


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