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>> Friday, June 3, 2011

 photo me-1.jpg

An illustration that looks eerily like me by Niki Pilkington

Hey there! My name is Kara, and I run an online vintage shop called Fancy That Vintage. I like tart red apples, demolition derbies, Neil Young records, old photos, dancing, drive-in movies, and long walks on the beach. If you have any questions or concerns that aren't addressed below, feel free to e-mail me at kara.fancy.that@gmail.com. I love letters and new friends.

How did you start selling vintage?

I started selling vintage in 2006 when I realized that I didn't have enough closet space for the amount of treasures I was snatching up. Somehow it backfired and tripled my storage problem, but I would drown happily in a sea of 1960s dresses and fur hats so it all works out. Stop by my shop, Fancy That Vintage for fun, unique ladies fashion from the 1980s and prior!

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon Rebel XT with the regular ol' crapola kit lens. It's not crazy fancy, but it does the trick! I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to kick my photos into gear post-upload. I'm self-taught so it's usually nothing too intense, but I'd like to think I'm getting better everyday.

Do you have any tips for someone new to thrifting or shopping for vintage?

I sure do! I did a series of posts on just that subject that can be found here.

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